3 Big Copywriting Lessons You Need to Learn

3 Powerful Copywriting Lessons You Must Know

A lot of online marketers and small businesses are working hard on doing their own copywriting. Even though everybody hates reading sales letters, we tend to think they are really easy...until we have to write our own. This is a classic instance of lots of different things going on under the hood; you just have no real idea. You should still learn some elements of copywriting if you write content for your site. Here are just three of the most vital copywriting lessons everyone should learn.

Speaking of AIDA, attention - interest - desire - action, we'll examine the second part which is interest. You won't be able to go from grabbing attention straight to massive desire because it just doesn't work that way. People are going to be reading your copy or content for the very first time. You need to win them over and this is done by generating interest. Ideally, they'll be targeted traffic so there will be some interest. You shouldn't leave it with light interest, you truly need to make them interested by talking about both the problem as well as your solution. There are so many ways to do this but at the bottom of everything is the search for something that they actually want or actually need.

Graphics and images play a huge role in successful copy, both in terms of sales and regular web content. Using graphics that aren't good or that aren't appropriate attracts attention and makes your readers slow down (but not in a good way). You aren't going to want people to do what you want them to do just because you used improper images. That's why get more info you want to use them - they get attention and automatically make people slow down just a bit. Of course you do want to use relevant graphics, and you can support the copy if you use data. Data tables and graphs are great choices. You need to put them in the proper spaces in your copy--right before or right after you actually talk about them within your text.

Right after your signature, you need to have a PS or post script. It is a very important part of your sales copy. In the right hands, this particular element of your sales letter can pack a wallop. In most sales letters, people will scroll down to read the PS at the end. It is possible that people may believe they are missing out if they don't read them. You shouldn't use the PS to just write any old thing down. You can use the following strategy because, time and again, it works with most people. Typically, people don't read everything on the sales letter. They scan from top to bottom. The PS should say something about an important concept in the sales letter itself. Inevitably, people will stop reading the PS, and go looking for whatever it is that you referenced in the sales page itself. When you read copywriting and study it for enough time you'll see that none of this is truly that difficult to understand. The majority of the battle is remembering the things you have been taught. From this point it becomes a matter of knowing what to use and when to use it because these things matter quite a lot when it comes to your copy.

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